EHS Eligibility 

EHS Eligibility Rules

High school athletics shall be governed by the CIF Constitution and By-Laws, Sac-Joaquin Section Constitution and By-Laws, League Constitution and By-Laws and the Esparto Unified School Code of Conduct-Extracurricular Eligibility Policy. Athletes shall be directly responsible to the head coach and his/her assistants. It is assumed that participation in a sport is a privilege

Athletes shall follow all team rules set forth by the coach and the Esparto Unified School District Code of Conduct - Extracurricular Eligibility Policy.

Academic Eligibility Standards

In calculating Grade Point Average (GPA), CIF regulations state that an F must be factored as a “0" on a 4 point scale. GPA will be determined by dividing the total number of grade points by total number of courses (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0)

Grades cannot be changed following the grading period for purposes of addressing any deficiency in an individual student’s scholastic eligibility.  The eligibility date is the date on which all students become eligible and ineligible based on their officially posted grades in the immediately previous grading period.

1. Incoming 9th Graders

All incoming 9th graders shall be deemed academically eligible for athletic participation until the first grading period. The first grading period will determine continuing eligibility.  

2. Transfer Students

Students entering Esparto High School with less than a 2.0 GPA may practice/tryout, but will not be allowed to play in a contest or travel to contests until the first quarter grades are posted and the student has at least a 2.0 GPA with no F’s. If the GPA for the first grade reporting period is below a 2.0, or the student has an F, the student/athlete will be declared ineligible for practices and contests until at least the next grading period.

3. Continuing Students

All student/athletes must have a 2.0 GPA with no “F’s”.   Athletes who fall below the 2.0 GPA or have an F at any grade reporting period (every nine [9] weeks) will be declared ineligible for any interscholastic participation until the next grading period. As far as student ineligibility is concerned, grades cannot be changed following the grading period for purposes of addressing any deficiency in an individual student’s scholastic eligibility.  Students may not use summer school to remediate grades to become eligible to participate in fall athletics. Athletes will not be eligible to participate until the next grading period. Coaches may have additional standards to which the athletes must adhere to. 

Mandatory Homework Club

Student-athletes will complete weekly grade checks, as required per team. Student athletes earning Ds or Fs in any classes may be assigned after-school intervention until their grades have improved to at least a “C”. Failure to attend tutoring sessions may result in forfeiture of privilege to practice, travel, or participate in athletic contests.

Probationary Period

There is no probationary period for student-athletes at Esparto High School beyond that given to all entering freshmen.


Coaches are required to set high standards supported by an off-season fitness plan and in-season academic support plan. We encourage coaches to keep as many students as they can without compromising the integrity of their sport. Time, space, facilities, equipment, personal preference and other factors will place limitations on the most effective squad size for any particular sport. Choosing the members of the teams will be the sole responsibility of the coach. 

Coaches Obligation

Coaches will set standards of behavior and expectations for their sport. Each coach shall furnish the participant with a copy of their team rules and expectations at the beginning of the season. These team rules must be approved in advance by the Athletic Director and Principal. Coach’s rules may be more stringent than this handbook, but not more lenient.