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Registration and Class Scheduling

Schedule Changes

Grading Scale and Policy

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Registration and Class Scheduling

The counselor begins the registration process for the next school year in February. Students will meet individually with the counselor to go over their class schedule and transcripts. A parent signature is required on the registration planner before the counselor will accept it. This ensures that parents are aware of the classes that their student is selecting for the next school year.

Schedule Changes

Students will receive their class schedule for the school year in August. Students can request a change in their schedule by signing up for an appointment . Student initiated schedule changes must be made by the end of the third day of each semester . Teacher initiated schedule changes must be made by the end of the second week of each semester. Schedule changes will not be made after the third day of each semester, unless there are unusual


Grading Scale and Policy

Grades are earned on a 4.0 point scale: A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1 and F=0. Each teacher is responsible for communicating their grading policy. A class syllabus will be given out to students in each class during the first two weeks. Daily attendance, class assignments, class participation, homework, examinations are all important in determining individual grades and may be part of each class and teacher’s grading policy. .

Grade Reporting

Report cards are mailed to parents/guardians on a mid-quarter and quarterly basis. Below are the end dates for the grading periods and parents should expect report cards to be mailed 5-7 days after the end of the grading period.

  • 9/9/22 1st Mid Quarter Progress

  • 10/14 /22 1st Quarter

  • 11/12/22 2nd Mid Quarter Progress

  • 12/16/22 2nd Quarter/1st Sem

  • 2/10/23 3rd Mid Quarter Progress

  • 3/17/23 3rd Quarter

  • 4/14/23 4th Mid Quarter Progress

  • 5/26/23 4th Quarter/2nd Sem

Weekly Progress Reports

Students have the option of obtaining Weekly Progress Reports, students/ parents must schedule a meeting with the school counselor to initiate the weekly progress report.

Request for Homework

Homework may be requested when a student has an excused absence of 2 days or more . This request should be made to the teacher via email or phone message. It is the responsibility of the parent/family to pick up the assignments. Please allow at least one full day for teachers to prepare assignments.