Senior Activities and Expectations

Senior Graduation and Participation Policy 

Congratulations Senior Spartans!  There is an exciting year ahead of you, but remember that your goal is to graduate College, Career or Military ready, so pay attention to everything this year and stay on top of  your grades and all graduation requirements, throughout the entire year. To help guide you to a successful Senior year, the following expectations in regards to academics, behavior,  and attendance should be on your mind with every decision you make. It is our hope that by setting clear expectations and boundaries, you will be able to make sound choices.

Valedictorian & Salutatorian 

The Valedictorian  and Salutatorian of the graduating senior class will be determined by the principal with input from the Counseling Department. Such determination shall be based on the academic performance of the students' first seven semesters in high school (9th grade - first semester 12th grade). Students in consideration must meet the university A-G requirements for admission. Students must be enrolled in Esparto High School for the entire fall and spring semester of their senior year. Any courses used from previous institutions must be A-G approved (when applicable), offered from a public institution, graded on an A-F, 4.0 GPA scale and listed on a student's official transcript. In general, the Valedictorian is the senior who attains the highest cumulative weighted grade point average of the graduating class and who completes rigorous academic coursework throughout the reporting period. The Salutatorian is the senior with the second highest cumulative weighted GPA in the graduating class who has also completed rigorous academic coursework throughout the reporting period. If more than one student shares the same grade point average and has completed the academic coursework requirement, more than one Valedictorian and/or Salutatorian may be named.

For purposes of selecting a Valedictorian and Salutatorian, rigorous academic coursework is defined as completion and/or enrollment (with expected completion in the senior year courses) in a minimum of four 10 credit courses in Honors or Advanced Placement courses.

The announcement of Valedictorian/ Salutatorian will be made at the Senior Awards presentation and at graduation.

Scholarship Requirements

In calculating an applicant' s GPA for admission, the university will use only the grades from 10th & 11th grade, earned in the above required courses. See the counselor for details.