Cell Phones & Technology

Cell Phone and Electronic Devices

It is against school policy for a student to use an electronic device during instructional time without explicit permission from the classroom teacher or substitute. We make every effort to discourage classroom interruptions. The sight or sound of a cell phone, tablet, earbuds, or other electronic device are not permitted without explicit (direct) instruction from the teacher. 

Students must ask to use a device and receive direct permission from the teacher or substitute to use it, even if they are receiving a call from a parent. The volume on personal electronic devices should be turned down or silenced so that teachers, staff, and other students are not able to hear a cell phone, music player, or other devices. Accommodations for electronic device use in 504 or IEP plans will be considered on an individual basis.

The consequences are as follows once the teacher has attempted all forms of behavior remediation and the issues of cellphone/electronic devices has become a major behavioral issue:


1 to 1 Chromebook Assignment: Every student must have a school issued Chromebook. Your personal CB will be limited on our network.  It is like a textbook so you do have to bring it to school everyday. 

You may be held financially responsible if your assigned Chromebook is damaged due to negligence or intentional harm. 

Computer System and Network Use Policy: Students must have a signed INTERNET USAGE AGREEMENT on file in the office. Violations could result in student's internet privileges being revoked. Usage agreements must be updated each year. (See consequences on pg. 28)

In order to protect the security and integrity of our computer system, EHS students will be expected to use the computers at school for appropriate  educational  purposes.  Students  not  following  the guidelines set  forward  by the EUSD Internet Network Agreement are subject to the following consequences for violations of the policy.

Any time students are using computers they are only allowed to be working on the task given to them by the teacher. Students who are permitted to use a device in class for one purpose, but are then found to be using it for another, will be considered in violation of the policy (including students with 504/IEP plans).

Consequences for Violation of Technology Expectations: Students and parents will be required to sign an Internet Use Agreement form before a student is allowed to use the school' s computers