Early Academic Outreach Program


EAOP is the University of California’s largest academic preparation program, serving students at more than 150 K-12 public schools throughout California. EAOP helps students at under-served schools prepare for college and the work force, complete all UC and California State University (CSU) admissions requirements, and apply for college and financial aid. EAOP also guides families by showing them how to navigate complex college preparation, college application, and financial aid processes.

University studies consistently show that EAOP students are better prepared for college than non-EAOP students, surpassing students statewide when it comes to “a-g” coursework and entrance exam completion, UC eligibility, college enrollment, and college persistence.

Coursework: EAOP students are twice as likely to complete the “a-g” courses required for UC  and CSU admission as their non-EAOP counterparts: 71% compared to 35%.

College Enrollment: 66% of EAOP students attend college the first year after high school graduation.

Opportunity: 85% of the EAOP graduates enrolling as freshmen at UC attended high schools with an Academic Performance Index (API) of 1–5. In contrast, 3⁄4 of all other freshmen at UC attended high schools with an API of 6–10. (*The API is on a scale of 1-10, with 1 indicating the lowest level of performance.)

College Success: The persistence rates of EAOP alumni at UC are equal to or better than their campus counterparts who did not participate in EAOP. 

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