2018-2019 Officer Executive Team

President- Omar Figueroa

Vice-President- Andrea Garza

Secretary- Ashante Lacy

Treasurer- Sierra Winter

Publicity Director- Karina Maldonado

Fundraising Director- Perla Aguirre

Debate Director- Azalaya Guevara

2018-2019 JSA Advisors

David Gracia

Daniel Alvarez

Adam Russ

2018-2019 JSA Calendar of Events

8/17 Spartan Kick Off Membership Drive

8/20 Officer Meeting (officer)

8/23 First Official JSA Meeting (membership)

8/26 Fall Leadership Summit (officer)

8/28 Volleyball Game (fundraiser)

8/28 Back to School Night Membership Drive

9/4 Close Up Washington DC Meeting

9/4 Volleyball Game (fundraiser)

9/6 Volleyball Game (fundraiser)

9/7 Officer Meeting (officer)

9/10 Debate Davis College Republicans vs. Davis College Democrats (membership) @3:15 PM

9/10 JSA Meeting (membership

9/13 Volleyball Game (fundraiser)

9/14 Officer Meeting (officer)

9/14 Football Game (fundraiser)

9/17 JSA Meeting (membership)

9/21 Officer Meeting (officer)

9/25 Volleyball Game (fundraiser)

9/26 Buckhorn Dinner--Fundraiser

9/28 Officer Meeting (officer)

10/1 JSA Meeting (membership)

10/1 JSA Debate @3:15 PM

10/2 Volleyball Game (fundraiser)

10/4 Volleyball Game (fundraiser)

10/5 Officer Meeting (officer)

10/6 Car Wash (fundraiser)

10/9 Volleyball Game (fundraiser)

10/12 Officer Meeting (officer)

10/15 JSA Meeting (membership)

10/19 Officer Meeting (officer)

10/26 Officer Meeting (officer)

10/29 JSA Meeting/Mid-Semester Gathering

11/2Officer Meeting (officer)

11/5 JSA Debate @3:15 PM

11/6 General Election Watch Party

11/13 JSA Meeting (membership)

11/16 Fall State Rundown Brunch Meeting

11/17 Fall State 2018

11/18 Fall State 2018

11/26 JSA Meeting (membership)

11/30 Officer Meeting (officer)

12/3 JSA Debate @3:15 PM

12/7 Officer Meeting (officer)

12/10 JSA Meeting (membership)

12/14 Officer Meeting (officer)

12/20 Winter Break Dinner

12/21 Officer Meeting (officer)

1/18 Officer Meeting (officer)

1/22 JSA Meeting (membership)/Post-Finals Treat/Dinner

1/25 Officer Meeting (officer)

2/1 Officer Meeting (officer)

2/4 JSA Meeting (membership)

2/4 JSA Debate @3:15 PM

2/8 Officer Meeting (officer)

2/15 Officer Meeting (officer)

2/19 JSA Meeting (membership)

2/22 Winter State Rundown Brunch Meeting (participants)

2/23 Winter State 2019

2/24 Winter State 2019

3/1O fficer Meeting (officer)

3/4 JSA Meeting (membership)

3/4 JSA Debate @3:15 PM

3/8 Officer Meeting (officer)

3/15 New Leaders Rundown Brunch Meeting (participants)

3/16 New Leaders 2019

3/17 New Leaders 2019

3/18 JSA Meeting/Gathering Mid-Semester (membership)

3/22 Officer Meeting (officer)

3/29 Officer Meeting (officer)

4/1 JSA Meeting (membership)

4/1 JSA Debate @3:15 PM

4/5 Officer Meeting (officer)

4/11 Speed Ball Tournament Semi-Final (fundraiser)

4/11 Washington D.C. Rundown Afterschool Meeting

4/12 Speed Ball Tournament Final (fundraiser)

4/12 Officer Meeting (officer)

4-14/4-19 Washington D.C. Trip

4/22 JSA Meeting (membership)

4/26 Spring State Rundown Brunch Meeting

5/3O fficer Meeting (officer)

5/6 JSA Meeting (membership)

5/10 Officer Meeting (officer)

5/17 Officer Meeting (officer)

5/24 Officer Meeting (officer)

5/20 JSA Meeting (membership)

5/31 End of the Year Celebration (membership)

Constitution of the Esparto High School Chapter of the Junior State of America


We, the citizens of the Esparto High School Chapter of the Junior State, in order to achieve high standards of citizenship, improve our understanding of democratic processes, develop responsibility in the individual, and promote involvement in community affairs, do establish this organization.


The name of this organization shall be “The Esparto High School Chapter of the Junior State of America.”


Membership will be granted to all students who have paid their annual membership tax and are attending Esparto High School. Students with a grade point average of lower than a 2.0 may not attend any activities, conventions, or other events. In order for students to particpate in activities, conventions, and other events, every member has to contribute time and effort into the club by attending meetings regularly, participating in fundraisers, and attending other chapter events.


Section A

Any student may run for office provided that the person is a chapter member in good standing.

Section B

The officers shall be elected by secret ballot at the second to last meeting of the elected term. The candidate receiving a majority of votes cast shall be declared the winner. If no candidate received a majority, the candidate receiving the fewest votes shall be dropped from the ballot, and a new election shall commence. The process shall continue until a candidate receives a majority of the votes cast. In order to vote in the election you must have attended at least three general meetings. Members from the year’s exit class (seniors) are not allowed to vote in the election.

Section C

The term of the officers shall start June 1 and end the following May 31. In the case of a vacant position, the President may appoint a replacement with the approval of a majority of the chapter. If the President resigns or is impeached, the Vice President becomes President.

Section D

There shall be eight (8) elected officers:

1. The President- is the chief executive officer of the chapter and is responsible for representing the chapter at all events. The President will preside over all meetings and be a member of all committees. (S)he is responsible for running the chapter’s educational program. The President may appoint other officers as the need arises.

2. The Vice President- assists the President and becomes President if there is a vacancy in that position.

3. The Secretary- will keep minutes of all the meetings. The Secretary will record and maintain all chapter records.

4. The Treasurer- will be in charge of all financial matters of the chapter. The Treasurer will collect monies and keep records of members attending state and regional Junior State events. The Treasurer will prepare a financial report ready at all chapter meetings.

5.Publicity Director- will be responsible for advertising chapter events, meetings, fundraisers, and activism efforts targeting potential new members and the wider community. They will also be in charge of chapter photography and social media accounts, along with composing a photo book containing all chapter activities, conferences, and meetings.

6. Fundraising Director- plans, schedules, and runs the chapter’s fundraising efforts to increase event attendance and help students afford conventions. They must be an effective motivator

7. The Debate Director- will ensure quality chapter debates and assists with chapter projects and meetings. This person is also responsible for training members in debate and moderating.

8. Immediate Past President: guides and supports the executive team. The primary responsibilities of this role involve serving as a resource for new officers and ensuring continuity of effectiveness. The IPP provides advice to the officer team and has a vote in the matters of the club.

Section E

Any officer may be removed by a two-thirds vote of chapter members present and voting, provided that notice has been given that this motion will be considered and is approved by the Advisor.

Section F

The chapter will have a Teacher Advisor in accordance with the rules and regulations of Esparto High School. The Teacher Advisor will provide educational guidance, supervision and serve as a liaison to the Esparto High School administration and faculty.


Section A

The chapter shall meet a minimum of twice a month during the school year. Meetings may be called by either the President or the Teacher Advisor. The official meeting day will be every other monday in the given month, unless changed.


This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the chapter members.


This Constitution shall take effect upon ratification by a two-thirds vote of the chapter.


Section A: Leadership

We believe in lifelong engagement with others to affect positive change. We practice learning by doing, using a student-run and student-led model wherever possible. We support creative problem-solving, communication, delegation, and diplomacy. We embrace challenge, failure, and reflection as opportunities for growth.

Section B: Empowerment

We believe everyone should have the skills, resources, and opportunities to make their voices heard and generate impact. We promote informed and constructive engagement through dialogue, debate, collaboration, and public speaking. We encourage service with peers, communities, and government. We offer access to college-level curriculum that teaches critical thinking, research skills, and analyzing and evaluating information.

Section C: Accountability

We believe in being informed, improving ourselves, and playing active and positive roles in community and country. We participate in respectful discourse and use reliable sources accurately. We take ownership of our words, decisions, and their consequences. We live up to our commitments.

Section D: Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in active, equitable participation. We support opportunities for all. We negotiate and create a constructive environment for open-minded engagement and growth. Through respectful dialogue, sharing perspectives, and challenging ourselves and each other, we explore differences, foster understanding, and learn collaboratively.

JSA Values




Diversity & Inclusion

The Junior State of America is a civil, all-partisan, welcoming community of students, teachers, alumni, board, staff, and supporters. We respect and care for each other, recognizing that the values that unite us as members of the Junior State community are grounded in learning together how to live together in a democratic society.

Together, we are the Junior State of America!