Dual Enrollment


Dual Enrollment allows students to take college courses during their regular high school day, and to receive both Esparto High School and Woodland Community College credit simultaneously. The program is free to all EHS students, and provides an excellent way to prepare for college while still in high school.  Dual Enrollment courses at Esparto High School will be offered based on student request, and are subject to enrollment minimums (20 students).  Note: Courses numbered 1-49 are transferable to 4 year institutions.  These courses will receive a weighted grade point average.

In addition to the Dual Enrollment courses offered at Esparto High School, students at EHS are eligible to enroll as special PART-TIME community college students at the local community college. Concurrently enrolled students are eligible to take up to 11 units of coursework in the fall/spring semester, and up to 8 units of coursework in the summer term.  Students interested in enrolling as part-time community college students should visit the counseling office in order to complete the registration forms necessary to enroll.